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Internet and Private Networks

Falconet Managed Infrastructure Service for Network

Leave your network in our experts’ hands.

Falconet Managed Infrastructure Service for Networks keeps your network performing at its peak through 24/7 monitoring and proactive management. That allows us identify potential issues earlier – before they cause problems – and provide recommendations and suggestions to improve overall network efficiency and performance.

Covering all routing and switching equipment, network appliances and administration of the network topology – for LAN, MAN and WAN infrastructures – Falconet Managed Infrastructure Service for Networks lets our experts handle the day-to-day network management while you maintain complete control over all your services through our easy-to-use web portal.

Four reasons to choose Falconet Managed Infrastructure Service for Networks

By keeping your networks performing at their peak, Falconet can help you:


Take advantage of enterprise-grade infrastructure

Our advanced troubleshooting, reporting and incident management capabilities are provided in accordance with the internationally recognized Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, and are backed by comprehensive service level agreements for guaranteed network uptime.


Maintain full visibility and control of your network performance

Our secure, bilingual network management portal gives you complete visibility and control over your network, letting you easily run reports, track performance and make changes to your configuration.


Keep your network up and running, worry-free

Our team of certified network management professionals proactively monitor, detect, manage, support and resolve all network incidents, helping keep your IT infrastructure available when you need it. We make your network management simpler by alleviating the day-to-day challenges of infrastructure maintenance.


Rely on the certified professionals

With our certified professionals, our team can work with your organization to design, build and implement your network solution. Our technical support is available 24/7, and your service is supported by experienced and dependable provisioning, installation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

Key capabilities of Falconet Managed Infrastructure Service for Networks

Incident management

Incident management

We pinpoint the causes of incidents using advanced troubleshooting tools, enabling rapid service restoration. We’ll also engage an equipment vendor’s in-house experts whenever specialized support is required.

Event management

All your managed network elements are monitored 24/7 to ensure optimal performance, with rapid response to events such as component failures.

Event management
Configuration management

Configuration management

Our detailed configuration records of all your managed network elements are available to our team and your authorized personnel, speeding up troubleshooting. We also regularly back up working configurations to ensure they’re never lost.

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